Birth Doula Support

I’m a labor tour guide, calm space creator, hip-squeezer, ally, advocate, and sister with all the right skills.

The concept of labor companionship is well-documented from ancient times to present day evidence-based research. As a doula I provide one-on-one emotional, educational and physical support that has been shown to make significant positive differences in labor and birth outcomes.

My role is very different compared to clinical staff like labor and delivery nurses or your OB/Midwife. They are there to tend to your clinical needs. Your doula on the other hand, is there to walk your journey with you. I do not change shifts, I know you and you know me, I work only for you, I support your goals and choices, and I am an expert in birth! I can also offer guidance and community resource referrals to families regarding maternal self care, lactation, and other issues pertinent to healthy parenting.

It is my core belief that all women deserve unbiased, unwavering, continuous support throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods.

My goal is to elevate the quality of care for families by bringing the highest level of service and professionalism to birth and birth photography clients in Mississippi.

I offer unbiased support and am as comfortable helping a mom labor at home in a birthing tub as I am in a hospital. All births can be beautiful no matter what the setting. And I believe that because birth, most often, is a natural event, it can and should be experienced without fear.

Did You Know? A labor support specialist—often called a “doula”—is with you during childbirth to help you stay calm and comfortable as you move through your birthing process, give you information about your care, and help you achieve your goals.

Did You Know? High-quality research suggests that a doula is likely to reduce your likelihood of cesarean birth, use of pain medication, and increase satisfaction levels with your childbirth experience, among other benefits.

Did You Know? Your health insurance plan or HSA may cover doula care.


How do doulas support birth?

You want to greet labor with knowledge, connection, and trust while feeling supported by a seasoned doula. Doulas are experienced in providing tried and true comfort measures specific to labor. These can include suggestions for changing positions, vocalization, rhythmic movement, guided relaxation with breathing and/or visualization, and specialized massage for labor. As your doula, I also help you gather important information before and during labor so you are completely informed about all your options and can feel confident about your choices.

The most valuable thing a doula offers is continuous emotional support. This comes in the form of verbal encouragement and reassurance, a constant physical presence, and full trust in your power and ability to birth.

How do doulas support partners?

Your partner always plays the most important role in loving and caring for you. I will be there to help support your partner through the birth journey, modeling specific comfort measures, offering reassurance and being a teammate. Many partners I have worked with have shared that the presence of a doula allowed them to show up more fully throughout the process, and not feel the stress of having to “know it all”.

Some women have a whole birthing team, including friends, their mother, sister, grandmother, father, etc. Whoever you want as part of your birth team will be honored and welcomed. We will all work together to ensure that you feel joyful and are well supported throughout your journey.


Do you support all births?

I support ALL birth! From hospital, birth center, or home birth, unmedicated or planned epidural, inductions and cesareans, I will meet you exactly where you are at and help you to achieve your goals. I believe all approaches to childbirth matter and highly value the importance of non-judgmental support.


What is your focus?

My focus is helping families feel confident and prepared throughout pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period. When families are prepared and supported, they can move through their journey in a way that fits their needs, and they can conquer parenting in a way that helps them feel empowered. When you have the tools you need to accomplish the birth and postpartum recovery you have imagined, nothing is out of reach.

Questions to ask your doula

When searching for a doula it’s important to ask questions that will help you find the perfect fit. You should feel comfortable and confident with your support team. You deserve the support team of your dreams! Here is a list of questions to get you started. If you’re interested in setting up a free consultation with my team email us at

-How long have you been in practice as a doula?
-How many births have you attended?
-Do you have education and experience providing any other types of care for childbearing women such as; childbirth education, breastfeeding support, or
postpartum doula support?
-In providing doula services what are your core values, priorities, and goals?
-If you were looking for a doula to be with you at your birth what would you look for?
-Have you provided doula services for other women who have used [name of my midwife, doctor or practice]? What was it like?
-What arrangements do you have for back-up if you are not available to attend my labor and birth?
-Is there anything you know about now that could make you unavailable around the time of the birth?
-Do you have other clients due around the same time?
-Would you meet with me/us again before the birth to discuss our preferences and concerns?
-When would you come to be with me in labor?
-What services do you provide during labor and birth?
-How do you help women cope with labor pain?
-How do you help promote labor progress?
-How long would you stay with me after the birth?
-What is your role if I have an epidural? What about a cesarean?
-Do your services include any home visits after the birth?
-How would my partner/spouse fit in?
-How do you feel about [______]? (Ask about any concerns or preferences you have.)