Newborn/Postpartum Lifestyle Session

I use my camera to celebrate the realness of life and I strive to make images for regular moms like me and you. So bring your magic, and I’ll bring mine. These sessions take place in the first few days of life. I come to wherever you’ve birthed or your home and spend time helping you remember every small detail you never want to forget. It’s about connection, falling in love with your baby, embracing your beautiful postpartum body, and celebrating the incredible mother the rest of us see you are.

These sessions are mostly unposed. They are real snippets of life at home with your baby and your new family. You can be as made up or undone as you wish! Siblings and pets are always welcome! The newborn phase is so fleeting and precious, I love to capture those moments when breastfeeding is still new and a work in progress, siblings don’t know quite how best to hold their “babies”, and pets don’t know what to make of things. It’s low stress, no one has to perform, no one has to look at the camera. It’s just an incredibly sacred time in your life and I do everything I can to help you honor it. These sessions are more than just snapshots of your baby. They are a story, told by me, that includes everyone.