Family Lifestyle Session

There’s nothing stiff or fake about the portraits we create, and there’s no need to say “cheese!” My sessions are all about making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease; enjoying the moment so completely that you forgot photo sessions were supposed to be stressful & boring. Instead, everyone is grinning and laughing (even Dad!) and your heart is about to burst because you love them so much.

That’s the kind of experience that I want for all my families. A fun, special time that is full of meaningful moments and shared memories. Ten years from now when you’re looking at the newborn pictures with your almost-preteen, you’ll remember the soft morning light in the studio, what dress you wore, dad’s laugh at big brother’s silly joke, and how your eyes filled with the happiest of tears as you all leaned in for a family cuddle. All of those memories, forever documented in an image, and forever cherished in your heart.