Should I Hire a Birth Photographer?

The answer is obvious, of course you will want photos of the day your heart stretches and bursts meeting your baby for the first time face to face and loving them with every fiber of your being!

Sometimes during birth things get blurry, and often we regret not having any good photos to look back on. When we’re feeling more emotions than we can name, it’s important to have someone who can focus solely on documenting those moments, so you can come back to them forever.

How often do we get to see how strong we really are? Or see PURE love without any conditions? Birth is an event that is full of emotion. During labor we often flow back and forth between excitement, really hard work, self doubt, acceptance, alertness, deep inward focus, and BIG LOVE. At the end of it all there will be things we just won’t remember.

Birth photography captures the greatest love story of all! It shows the joy that lives within and between each surge, the love, the surrender, and every moment in between. It’s so important to be able to look back and see what you looked like when you met your baby, for you to see what your partner’s reaction was, or how they looked at you when you weren’t looking.

Birth Photographers are also there so that you can be in the moment. You will only have to focus on yourselves, the birthing partner can solely focus on the birthing person, and any other guest in that room can just be present.

You shouldn’t miss any small detail of your story.  You’ve worked hard for over 9 months to grow and nourish this child, and then bring them into the world with such power. Birth photographers are there to harness the grit, the love, and the strength behind every image that tells your story.

Birth is the very essence of being human and alive, birth photography can hold still the very moment it all starts; when we’re born.

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